Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silver Creek Teaches Site Builders a Thing or Two About Modular

Silver Creek, the large commercial modular factory in Perris, CA, recently put this video on YouTube. I found it fascinating not only because is shows the entire process but take a look at the amount of open space throughout the building.

Anyone that says a modular building is just a bunch of boxes put together with a lot of posts everywhere for support needs to watch this video.

This 64 module, 37,248 sq ft school began its production run on 2/1/15 and 6 months later, on 8/1/15, it was ready for occupancy. Beat that, site builders, if you can.

The project consists of a single structure which houses an entire charter school campus and the related functional spaces.  The building contains 17 classrooms, a library, a kitchen, multipurpose space, office spaces, interior corridors and interior stairs.  

The building's’ exterior is covered with a vertical metal siding system that utilizes multiple colors and panel profiles, with aluminum and stucco accents, to provide a striking architectural presence.  The building interior features abundant natural light in every educational space and 10’ high ceilings throughout.  

Great job Silver Creek.

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