Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zarrilli Homes Begins Using YouTube to Market Modular in NJ

Anthony Zarrilli, the owner of Zarrilli Homes in Brick, NJ is starting a new marketing campaign using YouTube videos to show future home buyers what modular housing is all about.

This first video shows the set of a new home on pilings right on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and a second is being filmed of interior finishing to be added very soon to his new video marketing program. Notice the Excel Homes trucks delivering the modules.

This is not anything new, radical or earth shaking and is something any modular home builder can do.



William aka "Little Bill" said...

Great Job by Zarrilli Homes to help promote the modular industry!!! (hint,hint to MHBA)
These videos will help get home buyers in the product and will be a great selling point to how fast your home will be built, set and finished.

Tom Hardiman said...

I see your hint, hint Little Bill. We have some big news brewing and when we launch I fully expect you and others to get behind it - hint hint.

William aka "Little Bill' said...

I was not intending to offend you Tom. I would just think that being it is 2016, the leading lobbying group for the modular industry would be doing more to promote the construction of modular housing. Yes, you promote a "house of the month" , which is a great way to show case outstanding construction and finish. But, what else? Why is this big news taking so long?

We need to be more than 1% of new housing starts in the USA!!!!

Maybe if MHBA had videos o their site, advertised in national publications to promote modular construction, had ad's on billboards, ran ad's on TV, ect.
just throwing ideas your way.

Stephen said...

I doubt the MHBA can afford an ad during the Super Bowl. LOL!!

Great work by Zarrilli Homes on the videos. Keep up the good work. Anthony and his team do a wonderful job of promoting modular construction along the Jersey Shore.

Tom Hardiman said...

Stephen, you are right! Little Bill, I love it that you think we are sitting on a pot of gold over here and just choosing not to spend it. It takes a little time to determine what the message is, how you are going to promote it, who you promote it to, how much it will cost, and how you will fund it. Once you get all that, we gotta get a fragmented industry to agree to work together to make that happen. Give me two weeks - we'll make it happen!

Anonymous said...

Ad buys on local networks just after the Super Bowl block are relatively cheap the problem for the MHBA is these are local market buys not national. Been there done that. Two builders in cross over markets could buy together.

josh margulies said...

I simply must do that! Why have I not done that?! I will do that. And so will other builders. Nicely done Anthony.