Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Foremost Homes Embroiled in Custody Battle

A building eyed by the Greencastle-Antrim, PA School District for its administrative offices is snarled in federal lawsuits related to the $3 million sale of Foremost Industries Inc. in 2015.

The school district recently withdrew its $570,000 offer to buy the office building at 2375 Buchanan Trail West near Greencastle, Pa.

Court records said the new owners of Foremost Industries claim the former owner, Ralph C. Michael of Greencastle, PA misled and defrauded them.

However, Michael said the new owners, GLD Foremost Holdings LLC and Daniel Gordon, started dismantling the company before the sales purchase agreement was executed, and that he only received $1 million of the $3 million purchase price.

The two sides also dispute Michael selling real estate to his daughter and son-in-law before the company’s ownership was transferred.

Because of ongoing litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, a county judge on April 1 upheld a “lis pendens” on the real estate. That notice is comparable to a lien in that it notifies third parties that their interest in a property is subject to court action.

“The lis pendens prevents petitioner from entering into a purchase agreement with any prospective buyer, as it places a cloud on (the Greencastle property’s) title,” attorneys for GLD Foremost Holdings LLC wrote in a petition for the notice to be lifted.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Shawn D. Meyers wrote in his opinion that “the title to the real estate in question is sufficiently involved” in the disagreement. As of June 26th, there was no word as to what has been resolved.

“There is an ongoing dispute in the federal courts as to who owns Foremost and the real property titled in the name of Foremost,” Meyers wrote.

The Foremost modular home factory and state of the art panel plant are located on a property at 6100 Buchanan Trail West near Mercersburg, Pa.


Unknown said...

Foremost also owes Advanced Concrete Systems (ACS) for 4 foundations that have been installed forcing ACS to file liens on those properties to try to recover the money owed. At Foremost request ACS filed release of liens with their lawyer. Foremost said that if they did this they would pay for the basements in full. ACS did everything that Foremost requested at the end of April. To date ACS has not received any payments or any indication of when they will be paid.

Unknown said...

Foremost Industries also owes Plank's Construction, LLC money for set of lot model on their factory property. They fed us lies about payment and when checks were cut this has been ongoing since Jan 21 2016. We have received nothing from them and people who you used to contact to receive payment areno longer employed there. We filed court papers so hopefully something comes of it!

Mike Phillips said...

6 months since house was set
Master Bath unfinished, roof poorly done requiring more work
Foremost laid off their workers in favor of contractors
A very poor business decision leaving their customers on the hook for
Pathetic Contractors. Dicks Flooring Chambersburg PA did our master
Bath tile work. So poorly done a homeowner could have done better
Now having a lawyer drafting litigation against the roofer and Dirty Dicks

Jenny said...

Are consumers being protected or covered in any of this? It isn't right at all. How can we get our money back for something that is no longer being delivered? I paid a deposit for a home that can now not be built????? No one bothered to call and tell me any of this and after several unanswered emails, I finally find out what is going On?????

Anonymous said...

Who is the person responsible at foremost for this negligence? Is it the old owners or owners since 201?