Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dickinson Homes Produces the Best Marketing Videos in the Industry

Dickinson Homes in Iron Mountain, MI not only builds top quality modular homes and serves a large portion of the Midwest but they also produce log homes and tiny houses.

With the use of drones and professionals, they showcase their homes unlike any other modular home factory I have ever seen. The homes are presented in the most flattering way and the scenery is absolutely fabulous.

A while back I wrote the modular industry had a new spokesperson in Sarah Smith of Blue Ridge Log Cabins and today you'll discover the new leader in video marketing.

Great job.  Click on this YouTube link to watch all their videos. They should inspire others to copy their efforts.

This is one of their latest videos showing a tiny house being built, delivered, set and finished.

And an example of one of their custom log homes.

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Michele Locke said...

Love these!