Monday, July 18, 2016

LA City Understands the Difference Between Modular and HUD Housing

Congrats to the City Council

The Sulphur City, Louisiana Council, at its meeting Monday, July 11, voted to deny a request by Alicia Burton for a rezone from Residential to Mixed Residential at 707 Phillips Street, to allow for a manufactured home.

According to Burton, she obtained a permit from the city’s Public Works Department to have a slab installed on her property to allow her to move in a home.

The problem arose when a driver for Southwest Manufactured Housing approached Burton’s property. City officials told the driver that the neighborhood’s zoning would not allow the manufactured home. The zoning allows only modular homes. Manufactured and modular homes differ in the building codes to which they are subjected. A modular home is built to the specifications of a site-built home; a manufactured home is built to standards outline by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Sulphur Land Use Commission voted against the request at their June meeting. Keith Berry, with Public Works, said the city understood that Burton was placing a modular home on her slab. At the meeting, Public Works Director Mike Daigle advised the commission that allowing this spot zone would open the door for more manufactured homes in that neighborhood and that the city is trying to prevent further placement of manufactured homes.

Southwest Manufactured Housing representative Johnny Guillory told the council that the home, a HUD certified build rated for Wind Zone 3, which means it conforms to higher standards than required by the certification used by the City. He said Burton paid “in excess of $114,000” and that the home is of the “highest standard.” Guillory said no one involved with the purchase was ever asked to submit plans for the home.

Two local contractors — Bill LeBlanc and Johnny Thompson — warned the council that if the exception were granted for the spot zone, they’d be back asking for the same exceptions for their properties.

The vote to deny the rezone request was unanimous.

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