Thursday, July 21, 2016

Midwest Modular Boot Camp Speakers Anounced

Get your car warmed up, pack your bag, get ready to take a lot of notes, bring your business cards and your camera. The Midwest Modular Boot Camp is coming to Carmel, Indiana on September 14th.

Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach, invites you to be part of the National Modular Boot Camp series.

Speakers for the Midwest Boot Camp include:

anthony zarrilli (1).jpg
Anthony Zarrilli, owner of Zarrilli Homes in Brick, NJ.
“Modular Homes Advantages When Natural Disasters Strike”

Harris Woodward (1).jpeg
Harris Woodward, owner of FinishWerks in Savage, MD.
“Building the High Performance Modular Home”

Reed Dillon, Creative Brand Content.
“Modular Marketing 101”

Dave Sikora, Modular Home Builders Association.
“What MHBA Holds for Your  Future”

vjh (1).jpg
Valerie Jurik, Aging in Place Specialist.
“Designing AIP Into Modular Homes”
Sponsored by Commodore Homes

Scott Stroud (1).jpg
Scott Stroud, Cash Flow Engineering.
“Increasing Your Bottom Line Potential”
Sponsored by Rochester Homes

Close up 2.JPG
Ken Semler, owner of Express Modular.
“Working More Efficiently With Your Factory. A Primer for All Modular Builders”

Join with other modular home builders, factory people and suppliers in this First Ever Midwest Modular Boot Camp.

Date:   September 14, 2016
Place:  Hilton Garden Inn, Carmel, IN
Time:  8:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Cost;   $149 per person

Includes a Continental Breakfast and huge Lunch Buffet

Limited Seating. First Come Basis

CLICK HERE to Register.


builder Bob said...

Hey Coach, your Boot Camps have come a long way since the first one I attended. It is great to see someone organizing these types of events for modular builders and our industry. You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. I've heard Harris Woodward speak before and if the rest of the speakers are as good it will be very informative. Sign me up.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

Thanks, Anonymous. But I can vouch for most of these folks as damned good in their areas of expertise, and I'm excited to hear from those I've not met before.

I know that east coast modular is different from Midwest modular culturally and target-market wise. But everything I'll have to say will be applicable no matter which state in the union one builds. And I will impress upon attendees to ask questions and shoot holes in my presentation throughout. IMHO there's no better way to learn more and increase home building mastery than to learn from others!