Wednesday, July 13, 2016

RV Industry has Concerns About Tiny Home Movement

Attention would-be tiny-home dwellers - the RV industry has its eye on you.

The Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) and has concerns about the sudden increase in the homes, which are often built directly on trailers so they can be easily moved.

Shane Devenish, executive director of the CRVA, says the industry’s main concern is safety, noting that traditional RVs are built to certain codes set by government regulators.

“There’s certain insulation and fireproofing that an RV must have versus a modular home or a normal residence. If somebody is living in it year round it would have a different code.”

He said tiny home builders aren’t necessarily building to those codes.

One concern he raised is that a poorly built tiny home brought into a campground could catch fire or explode.

However Ashley Baptiste of Serenity Acres Tiny Homes in Carseland, AB feels those concerns are unfounded.

“We take regulated and approved appliances and install them to manufacturers specifications. They are 100 per cent safe,” said Baptiste.

He said he works with engineers and architects to ensure the homes he builds are safe, both for everyday living and for transporting on the highway.

Baptiste said he might be concerned about the do-it-yourselfer building a tiny home with no training, but added you have to watch for that in any industry.

He’s heard these concerns from other RV industry associations and he’s not surprised, since they get their money from RV manufacturers.

“They have negative things to say about tiny homes and yet, when we contact these associations and try to get on board and get accreditation from them, they don’t seem to be too interested in allowing us inclusion into their associations.”

An article in the Calgary Metro by Brodie Thomas

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