Friday, July 1, 2016

Scott Stroud Leaving Builder Radio

Dear Modcoach,
After 8 years hosting BuilderRadio, I’ve moved on to something new... and very exciting!

It was not an easy decision – through BuilderRadio I was able to share valuable sales and marketing techniques from some of the most intelligent thought leaders in our industry with you and for you. It was never about the money (we accepted very little advertising and only promoted our own educational programs – most of which were free!)  To me, it was about sharing gems of truth that you could put to immediate use and get instant benefit from.
So, why am I leaving BuilderRadio after 360+ episodes?
Believe me, if I didn’t have something at least as exciting and valuable to share with you, I wouldn’t be writing. In fact, I’ve cofounded a new company with my friend Jeff Prager to offer new, fresh and even more valuable business-building resources to small and medium sized businesses – and I want you to be a part of what we’re sharing.
The new company is Cash Flow Engineering, LLC, and it’s all about how to use non-financial data – marketing, sales, pricing, estimating, scheduling, etc. – to drive consistent, predictable and sustainable cash flow.
Think what it would mean for your business (and your family) if you always knew that money would keep flowing into your bank account – if you had the power to ‘turn on the faucet’ every time you saw a need for additional cash flow… That’s EXACTLY what we teach business owners how to do!

To acquaint you with the value of applying cash flow engineering® in your business, we’re hosting a FREE webinar on July 12:  25 Ways to Increase Cash Flow NOW!  It will air live at 2pm EDT | 12N MDT, and will be well worth your time to attend.
Just for registering you’ll also get two free bonuses: 1) A special report: 5 Big Myths That Are Killing Small Business in America, and 2) our Cash Flow Tip of the Week as my gift.
Just like I’ve been doing for the past 8 years, I only share resources that I’m convinced you’ll appreciate and be able to put to immediate use.
Thanks for your past support, and I look forward to continuing to share exceptional tips that will put more money in your pocket every week.
Again, Thank You!
Scott Stroud
Author | Speaker | Consultant
(606) 416-2078

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