Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wyoming Homes Owner Sentenced for Deceptive Business Practices

Wyoming Homes owner David Dominic Valenti, 63, of Moosic, was sentenced July 13th to 9-18 months in county jail for deceptive business practice in a case involving a man who hoped to relocate to Tunkhannock Township.

Valenti appeared before President Judge Russell Shurtleff in the Wyoming County Court of Common Pleas and said he was trying to fix the problem that originated three years ago.

Court records show that Anthony Wilson entered into a contract with Valenti when he made a $18,000 deposit on a modular home on Nov. 1, 2013, and two weeks later provided $57,165 for the balance on the home, including purchase price, construction and delivery which was to be in place by the end of November.

When November ended, Wilson alleges he was promised the home by Christmas, and when that passed New Year’s Day, and finally by spring.

Nearly three years later Valenti still had not delivered, but excuses continued to be provided, including on Wednesday.

An investigation discovered that the manufacturer of the home Wilson thought he ordered from had never been approached by Valenti.

District Attorney Jeff Mitchell said three years was more than enough time to get things right.

The judge handed down a $500 fine, and said a full $76,165 was due.

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