Monday, August 15, 2016

48 Unit Modular Philadelphia Complex Set in One Weekend

The blog, Curbed Philadelphia, just ran a story about a new apartment building that went up at on the corner of 12th and Washington Avenue in one weekend. Sure enough, when they visited the site it revealed a pre-fab, luxury apartment building that has replaced the old heating and air conditioning store and its adjacent parking lot.

According to Curbed Philly, who spoke to the builders on site, the 5-story apartment complex went up in three days this past weekend. The units were constructed near Pittsburgh complete with appliances and interior finishes, then dropped onto the site via a 7-story crane.

Does anyone know which factory built this project?

"[The] foreman said they were 2 weeks behind because of the DNC but that it takes about 5 weeks now for the internal hook-ups and finishing, although the whole thing is already wired.

A little digging revealed that the 10,400-square-foot site was on the market for $1.2 million back in 2014. According to city property records, it sold for $880,000 this past March to a company by the name of CSW 1200 Washington Avenue.

A trailer at the construction site had the name Westrum Coastal Homes, which is a branch of Westrum Development that builds modular homes in New Jersey.

Westrum’s website states that the apartments will be a mix of 50 studio, one-, and two-bedroom units, although L&I records say it will include 48 apartments. They'll begin leasing this fall and deliver in 2017.

I tried calling Westrum but there was no answer. Must be busy working at the jobsite. I am simply amazed that some factories don’t put their name anywhere on the modules.


Anonymous said...

Icon Legacy

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Icon Legacy is no where close to Pittsburgh as the article stated.

Either way, good job to all involved.

Robert Wilkinson said...

I was the director of engineering and Salesman on this project. This is an Icon Lecgacy project. It's time that people know the ability and quality of Icon.