Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Factory Identified for Huge Philly Project

It only took a day to learn that Icon Legacy in Selinsgrove, PA was the factory that supplied the modules for this "overnight" transformation to the Philly skyline. Click Here to read the previous article.

They supplied the modular units for this 32 box, 28,000 SF, 4-story structure that provides 48 living units.  The builder of record is well known Phila. MSA developer who has used systems built modular materials for many years.  

Amenities in the structure that most modular manufacturers shy away included 3B construction with fire retardant lumber and drywall installation, cast iron and copper drains and supplies, low STC assemblies, turnkey HVAC systems per living unit, etc…….

The modules were manufactured in Selinsgrove in June- delivered in July and set at night on the 1st week of August.

Whenever your factory builds a project like this or if you are a modular builder that has sold this type of project. make sure you send over some details and photos so that developers or builders that have yet to try modular construction in their commercial or multifamily work will see what modular can do and maybe contact you or the factory for their next project.

Rob Wilkinson from Icon Legacy sent over some more pictures of the project being set and I have to say that it looks great, especially the evening shots.

Congrats to Icon Legacy for a nice project. 


Harris - Finish Werks said...

Great looking building, Icon Legacy. The ability to deliver STC and fire rated assemblies, metal plumbing, and HVAC systems as installed in-plant is very progressive for many manufacturers.

Philly seems to be an epicenter for modular multifamily. In July I visited Vaugh Buckley of Buckley Construction and toured his multi-family projects by Ritz Craft. After a quick lunch downtown, we looked up at the skyline and saw a crane boom. We tracked it down to a 64-box apartment going up. I don't remember the developer but it was a PBS project going up in the air, 75% complete.

Coach, I see a story in Philly for modular. And I'd also like to recognize the Set Crews on these jobs, particularly when working at night 5 stories off the ground!

Coach said...

Harris, you took the words right out my mouth. Great job to everyone involved, especially the set crew that had to work through the nights.