Monday, August 1, 2016

Granny Pods and Assisted Living Featured at the Next Modular Boot Camp

Today more than 23,000,000 elderly, disabled and mentally challenged people depend on the help of extended family to help them enjoy a fuller, more enjoyable life. Many of them live with their family while others are in assisted living facilities or group residencies.

With baby boomers retiring in record numbers, many are turning to their families for support or to support others. Many boomers have parents in their 80's that are now requiring more attention due to medical and physical problems. What to do to help is becoming a burning question for many.

Enter modular construction. Two companies, which both use modular home factories to build their product, have entered the Assisted Living market. Better Living Express and Med Cottage and are quickly becoming the nation's leaders in this field. The two have different approaches to helping with this growing need to bring quality housing to family members.

Better Living Express Addition

Better Living Express Cottage

Better Living Express offers both modular additions and cottages to support seniors and the disabled without the institutional feel. Their available standard plans range from two bedroom cottages to support a loved one and a care giver to one bedroom additions. They exclusively offer the FlexAssisttm bathroom which comes in three standard configurations to support the occupant and their needs.

Med Cottage designs a line of stand alone modular units that can be placed next to a family's home with walkway connections. This gives the person living in it a feeling of full independence and usually includes everything that you would find in any home. Kitchen, Bedroom, ADA Bath and Living rooms.

Both are great ways to go. The most important thing to remember is that modular home factories are stepping up and building these specialized units quickly and cost effectively.

Valerie Jurik, Aging in Place Consultant

If you are a modular home builder in the Midwest, the Modular Boot Camp in Indianapolis on September 14th will be a great place to hear Valerie Jurik, one of the top Aging in Place spokespersons in the country, explain how modular home builders and their factories are the perfect choice of Granny Pods.

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