Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Homeway Homes Delivers 8 Homes to Housing Authority

A $2 million housing project in Decatur, Illinois will soon create homes for moderate-income families. The multi-million dollar project is funded through National Foreclosure Settlement Funds awarded by Illinois General Lisa Madigan.

Eight new energy efficient homes are being built near the Oakwood Business district.

The Executive Director of the Decatur Housing Authority, Jim Alpi, says it's a two-part project. The goal is to help families find affordable housing, as well as revitalize the Decatur neighborhood. Alpi says the revitalization is needed in the area near Macon and Haworth Streets.

"Putting these homes on this block will fill out the street-scape," says Alpi, "It will be immanent for others to invest in this neighborhood, as well."

While the eight homes cost about $200,000 each to build, the cost of the homes will vary based on the buyer's income. To qualify, a family must make between $35,000-$75,000 per year. Alpi says the homes will be priced in a way that buyers will pay 30% or less of their income for all of their home costs. He says making the homes affordable is key.

"These homes will allow families to buy a new home, highly energy efficient, for a reasonable cost," says Alpi.

The one-story home comes in two pieces, complete with the electrical plumbing.

The homes are built in the Homeway Homes factory. "They're called 'modular' homes and are pre-assembled at the factory with interior finishes, appliances, plumbing, and everything installed. They're brought to the site with a giant crane that lifts them up, sets them on the foundation, and within one day, the house is completely enclosed and ready for finishing," explains Alpi.

All eight of the homes will be different, however, each will have three bedrooms, two or two and a half baths, and meet the high-efficiency standards.

The Housing Authority will start marketing the homes in the next four to six weeks. Anyone interested in finding more information about the homes should contact the Decatur Housing Authority.

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