Monday, August 8, 2016

In-depth Market Analysis

Now that you have done much of the heavy lifting by creating your marketing goals and a SWOT assessment you are able to go a little deeper in your market analysis and this involves linking the two together. Click Here to read about SWOT.

What opportunities best support your overall goals and objectives?  Where are your biggest competitive advantages?  You may find that you might need to adjust your goals somewhat so that it aligns accordingly with the strengths that you have identified to exploit.

This approach doesn't mean you should ignore potential areas for growth where you do not yet have an advantage. Where are the areas where you can gain the biggest advantage in the least amount of time and investment? What are your barriers to entry to this market?  How long will it be before you will recoup cost involved and be able to see a Return on Investment (ROI)?  Will the investment take a toll on other well functioning or vital parts of your business?  Again tap your team for their feedback and weigh you options. Change and growth is not for the feeble hearted.

Don't be afraid to take calculated risks.
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Parts of this blog was resourced from the blog 6 Steps to Develop an Effective Construction Marketing Plan by Michael Moore

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