Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kylie Kuhns’ Aspirations and Inspirations

A few years back I had the honor of having Kylie Kuhns, the daughter of Apex Modular Homes’ owner, Lynn Kuhns, speak at one of my Builder Breakfasts about Kelsey’s Dream. It was the first time many in our industry had heard of her and the dedication she has for helping children with cancer to not feel alone and scared.

Kylie Kuhns, founder of Kelsey's Dream

Now, just a few years later, this young woman is recognized by many people and organizations around the world for her hard work and love for the cause that bears her sister’s name, Kelsey Kuhns.

What a pleasant surprise to learn that Kylie, a Penn State student, has been recognized by for all her efforts in support of children with cancer. As an industry, let’s continue to support Kylie and Kelsey’s Dream.

Here is the article:

Kylie Kuhns: Helping Families Cope with Cancer
By Catherine Lowe in CAMPUS LIFE

At 11-years-old, while most of us were envisioning ourselves in training bras, Kylie Kuhns was envisioning a life-changing organization. After losing her older sister Kelsey to a 7-year battle with leukemia, Kylie fought to ensure that the legacy of her strong and compassionate sister lived on. Kelsey's Dream brings light, companionship and support to children undergoing cancer treatments. Within Kelsey's Dream, Kylie has cultivated several initiatives that have invigorated hospitals across the country. Now a sophomore in college, this girl isn't slowing down, showing cancer that the Kuhns girls are never going to stop fighting.

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builder Bob said...

Thank you for reminding us about Kelsey's Dream and the fine young lady that has made it so successful in its work to comfort children with cancer.

I had donated a couple of years ago and will sending in another one.