Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Silver Creek Homes' Video is a Good Marketing Tool

4 years ago Silver Creek Homes in Elkhart, Indiana produced a video that explains, in a matter of fact way, the differences between a manufactured home and a modular home. I'm not sure how I missed putting this on the blog before but here it is today.

Videos like this are becoming the absolute best way to get our industry's message across over social media and we need more of them from all the factories and builders.

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Lee Sullivan said...

I am very disappointed in this video apparently you must believe the HUD homes are taking your sales . Your video reminds me of a used car sales of yesterday, they would tell you of all the things that was wrong with your trade in in order to get the value down instead of building some value in what they were trying to sell you it did not work then and it does not work today.
First of all not every one can afford a Modular, so what choices do they have? but a nice new HUD, go to a realtor or rent, they are not happy being a renter or they would not be out looking. Your biggest competitor is the realtor they make it easy for them to buy, Modular home builders need to be better at painting a picture of a finished home ready to move in, we have several advantages over a used home on the market but we need to let them know what they are, Don't kick the HUD home to the curb because of the lack of knowledge.