Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Strategy and Tactics for Your Marketing Plan

An article by Reed Dillon
At this point in the process you have created your marketing goals, completed a SWOT assessment, developed a list of marketing opportunities and have created your budget.

The next stage is to ascertain a path that you will take to achieve your goals. Public Relations or (PR) is usually an easy first step. Editors of all types are always in constant need of content and information.

As mentioned in the previous blog one should explore both Inbound and Outbound Marketing methods. Every market behaves differently, so be sensitive to it. Don’t always assume that because a certain marketing tactic worked for another business that it will work in your area. Again all markets are different.

Do not be afraid to experiment and take calculated chances. You never know, you might stumble on something that might work that you did not expect, but remember there are no silver bullets. It is never one single thing that will ultimately drive more business to you. Often it will take a mix of strategies to reach your target market.  

The goal is to reach your target demographic and that is only accomplished by understanding them. Analyze your target market at length, walk in your customers shoes. Try to understand what motivates them and then utilize the best method of capturing them as a lead. Getting to know who you are actually marketing towards helps you to develop product, plan to promote to them.  

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Parts of this blog was resourced from the blog 6 Steps to Develop an Effective Construction Marketing Plan by Michael Moore

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