Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Texas Modular Factory Builds Shelters for Preppers

Have you ever wondered if there will be a catastrophe big enough to cripple the way of life on the planet?

Many people all over the world have been quietly preparing for such events by having shelters within their current homes, fortified cabins in remote areas or in some cases building underground bunkers.

They are called Preppers and their ranks are growing, not just here in the US but in countries everywhere. They are not rednecks with guns and Confederate flags on their pickup trucks or lunatics with aluminum foil hats. No, the vast majority are your neighbors and friends.

They are anxious about recent terrorist attacks from Paris to San Bernardino, Calif., to Orlando; pandemics such as Ebola in West Africa; potential nuclear attacks from increasingly provocative countries such as North Korea or Iran; and the growing political, economic and racial polarization in the United States that has deepened during the 2016 presidential election.

The Northwest area of the US comprised of Eastern Oregon and Washington and the states of Montana and Wyoming has more than its share of Preppers.

Rising S Bunkers, a modular factory has been building and selling steel underground bunkers for Preppers starting at just $39K.


Clyde Scott, owner of Rising S Bunkers in Kemp, Texas, said pre-made, blast-proof underground steel bunkers are in big demand, including his most popular model, which sleeps six to eight people and sells for up to $150,000.

“Anybody with a peanut-sized brain,” he said, can see that the U.S. economy is in perilous shape because of the national debt, the decline of American manufacturing and the size of the welfare rolls.

“Some people worry about hurricanes, earthquakes or forest fires. Others fear a nuclear attack or solar flare that creates an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out the nation’s electric grid and all computers, sending the country into darkness and chaos — perhaps forever.”

A few years ago I did an article about an East Coast steel bunker manufacturer, Trinton Shelters. Great looking bunker. Unfortunately they have closed their doors.

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Chuck Owings said...

Truer than you think! I live in a more rural area of Virginia and have had an upsurge in request for 'off the grid' houses to be built on properties outside the 'blast zone' of DC. Most are short of requests for bunkers but, more of a sustainable second home should things go sideways. I have developed modular packages that can fill this niche market.
I am designing a line of blast resistant concrete homes that don't feel like bunkers but would maintain themselves short of a direct hit. These would not be modular, unfortunately, but I am working on a practical modular alternative that fits somewhere in the middle as well.