Friday, August 5, 2016

Tiny Houses from 84 Lumber

Personally I love a good looking Tiny House. Some of them are so well built and good looking that I could even live in one for a short time but there is a dark side to this movement.

The people that choose this way of life usually are skirting the law by putting them in places that aren’t zoned for Tiny Houses, building them without any kind of inspections needed by every other type of accepted housing and fail to connect to utilities that provide water and sewer.

I have seen tanks positioned on the ground under toilets and greywater simply sent directly onto the ground below. Large plastic bottles provide cooking and cleaning water.

Now 84 Lumber, one of the biggest lumber and building suppliers in the US is not only getting into this niche market by giving people 4 precut models. If the Tiny House movement continues to grow, and it certainly looks like it will, when will city, state and national code regulators begin requiring inspections and proper placement.

84 Lumber has complete Tiny House packages available for $49,000. Honestly, for that much money, there are many very nice manufactured homes that meet HUD code available and are ready to be hooked up to public or private utilities and don’t violate any codes other than zoning areas.

84 Lumber even offers financing through SunTrust!

Everyone thinks that Tiny Houses are cute until they show up in your neighbor’s yard in the form of a storage shed where their unemployed college graduate child lives with their boyfriend or girlfriend with a garden hose supplying water and a propane tank for cooking and heating.

Modular housing is put under a microscope in every municipality in the US by code and zoning officials and passes with flying colors. Why aren’t all these Tiny Houses built under at least one building code?

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Tom Hardiman said...

Coach, we must be on the same wave length. Not sure what that says about you though! I just came back from the Georgia DCA meeting where this was on the agenda, and popped out an article on tiny houses on our website (accessible via our Facebook and Linked page).