Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wisconsin Stick Builder Totally Confused About Modular

Just found a very interesting video done by Larry Meyer Construction, LLC, located in Wausau, WI. Back in 2011 they were doing a series of videos called "Ask the Expert" and this video is one of them.

The 'expert' sitting in the chair; presumably Larry Meyer; casually gives a lot of misinformation about Pre-Fab and Modular homes and then tries to point out that building a site home is a much better choice for new home buyers because they have plenty of time to walk into their home while it is under construction, look around and make changes. He even says that the homeowner may want to "move this window over a little bit" after walking into their home under construction.

"Absolutely." This is no problem for any site builder as we all know that changes to a home under construction can drop thousands of dollars in profit to the bottom line and delay completion. And let us not forget that the customer usually has to pay for these changes with their own money as their construction mortgage is already in place.

I assume that Larry Meyer Construction builds a beautiful home and has lots of happy customers. What the company doesn't have is a clue as to what pre-fab and modular housing is and how he could benefit from adding modular to his business.

In all fairness to Larry Meyer, let's hope that since this 2011 video was posted, he has learned the differences between manufactured homes, per-fab homes and modular homes. 

One more thing Larry, fireside chats ended with FDR. 


builder Bob said...

Coach, I love this guy. It's like watching an undertaker talking to the grieving widow about her chose of casket and graveyard service.

Bill Hart said...

I love this guy too, as he is certainly entitled to his opinion, right? Would you prefer a used car / trailer pitch man approach?