Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Glass Modular Home in Connecticut

An very interesting article in the Burberry, a British online fashion website.

Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut sees 13,000 visitors each year, but thanks to a new design firm called Revolution, you can now recreate it wherever you might reside.

Revolution, a company from real estate developer Robbie Antonio (who, fun fact, has a home in Manila filled with portraits of himself), creates prefabricated homes and pavilions, in collaboration with designers including Tom Dixon, Marcel Wanders, and the Campana Brothers, among others.

His most recent addition to the lineup of pre-crafted properties, and the first to be modeled on a specific, existing building, is a "modular glass house" inspired by the original.

Alan Ritchie, who has carried on the work of Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects since Johnson’s death in 2005, designed the house, which he calls, succinctly, “a clean, simple glass box.”
“You can add modules to make it bigger,” said Ritchie. “Like stacking dominoes or a Lego set in many ways. There’s a lot of flexibility.

When you say you’re ‘standardizing,’ or ‘modulizing,’ everyone thinks it’s all going to look too cookie cutter. And I didn’t want that to happen.”

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