Wednesday, September 28, 2016

An Australian Architect Wants to Become the IKEA of Tiny Homes

Here without a doubt is one of the silliest new home prefab companies ever created.

Big World Homes is an Australian Architect’s idea of a home that you can buy for only $50,000 (AUS$65,000)and with just a few tools and a bit of patience, would-be home-owners can build their own abode from a flat-pack, on the cheap and off the grid.

The one bedroom, 148-square foot ‘home’ comes in pieces on the back of a trailer. The price also includes the trailer.

Or you could buy this brand new 2017 18’ Coleman RV without having to do any assembly for only $12,000 and it is built to RV codes and standards. And take the $38,000 you saved and buy a used Cadillac Escalade to tow it.

Architect Alex Symes, founder of Big World Homes, says anyone can put it together. A drill, a hammer and a wrench are all that are needed to put together the 37 panels that make up the house.

"It's like IKEA on structural steroids," he said.

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