Thursday, September 29, 2016

Champion Takeover of IBS Begins - UPDATE

IT IS OFFICIAL! Champion closed on everything. 

What has been a long hard road for many modular home builders, suppliers and former IBS employees ended on 9.28.16.

All five factories operating under the former IBS umbrella will now collectively be called Champion Modular, Inc.

While there is still not a lot of definitive answers as to what they will build at each factory, when each of them will reopen or who will be in charge at each plant, I've been told that huge investments are planned by Champion to make these factories examples of what will be state of the art modular home factories.

We all wish Champion the very best and are confident they will continue the build to the same high quality that their builders have always seen with the IBS product.



These are some Great plants and Greater people working their, it's good to see Champion helping them.

Anonymous said...

Is that the logo? I cannot find a web site for this new company. Who do I talk to about ordering a house from my old factory in Virginia? I really miss working with those boys. I have NOT been able to find another factory that treated me as well as they did on a daily basis.

Coach said...

Couldn't find one for the new "Champion Modular, Inc" Grab one from their long list of authorized logos instead.

Really, this is what you found interesting about the article?

Anonymous said...

Well Coach, if you do not like my 7:57 am comment, do not post it. You do have the right to reject comments from your readers.
--Anonymous from 9-30-16 @ 7:57 am

Stevehbgpa said...

Best of Luck to Champion Modular, Inc going forward.

Steven R. Snyder, Esquire
635 Glenbrook Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 975-7799

George Morgan said...

thoughts on the Logo....I immediately thought of spark plugs...and the older readers will surely recognize it...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous from 9-30-16 @ 7:57 am, please, lighten up. Of course Coach could take down your comment. That's not the point. He and his blog have always been about feedback. He wasn't disrespecting you. As well as I know him, he was probably concerned that this blog didn't have enough meat in it. But, I do grant you that he could have done without the "Really"!