Saturday, September 10, 2016

Icon Legacy Celebrates 8th Year with Employee Appreciation Day

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes LLC, opened their door to business in February, 2008- just in time to experience the burst of the housing bubble and start of the Great Housing Recession.  

Having persevered through the lean years, they now employ well over 120 people-many of which have been with them since day one.  Icon Legacy has provided homes to more than 100 builders in 18 states along the eastern seaboard as well as our nation’s capital.   

A beautiful Duplex built for Go Modular Homes

They have produced everything from  a “tiny home” of 321 SF to the 32 module, 28,000 SF project delivered to Phila. last month and set over one weekend.  

Along with this they have delivered homes for high wind areas (up to Seismic zone D), medical treatment facilities, small office buildings, fitness centers, and countless other light commercial and residential projects to those builders.  

Key personnel within the company include Kevin Hicks- President, Jeff Hicks- Plant Manager, Bruce Bingaman- Sales Manager and Rob Wilkinson- Director of Engineering.

To celebrate their 8th year, the management posted an Employee Appreciation Day for the entire work force.

They are currently working with both residential builders and urban developers on future orders and are currently looking to expand further into the Southeast with anticipated delivery dates the winter of 2017.

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Anonymous said...

Great job to a company that is top in its industry

Anonymous said...

Awesome company and crew. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Been with Icon since the beginning ....all the bugs worked out and they are sailing, good homes they set nice and always enough ship loose to finish the job...