Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Making a Case for Systems-Built Housing

Dan Mitchell, a third-generation home builder who has worked on construction sites since he was five years old and built just about every type of home, is a strong advocate for systems-built construction.

“A huge benefit for builders, when you shift over to the systems built industry, is that the manufacturers become your sales and design force,” said Mitchell, a former NAHB Building Systems Councils chair. “They can design for your current customers, but also bring you leads for people who want to build in your area. A conduit of new clients are funneled to you through the manufacturers.”

Mitchell said that many manufacturers are starving for builders.
They have more clients than they do builders to put homes on the ground, and they’re eagerly looking for quality builders in all areas throughout the country.

But misinformation about building systems persist, which often causes builders to shy away. For example, contrary to popular thought, some studies have shown that building systems are more efficient and more cost effective than traditional stick-built framing.

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