Monday, September 19, 2016

Midwest Boot Camp - Part One - The Evening Before

With just a couple of weeks to go until the Midwest Modular Boot Camp, I talked with a couple of builders and factory owners about what to expect and I was told that the Midwest is not like its’ East Coast sibling.

A lot of the Midwest builders sell manufactured homes as well as modular. This rarely happens in the East where I have been working for almost 20 years. I was curious what Midwest builders would think of my Boot Camp.

bootcamp invitation.jpg

Any thoughts I had about both the Midwest builders and the my East Coast lineup of speakers not relating to each other was put to rest when Rochester Homes’ Alex Berlin and Tyler Anderson invited every attendee to a Tuesday evening “Get Together” at the Bru Burger in Carmel, IN.

Speakers, builders and factory people sat down over huge plates of burgers, chicken wings, pretzels and drinks and quickly discovered that even though their markets may be different, they had more in common than they thought.


Harris Woodward, Anthony Zarrilli and Ken Semler are all East Coast builders that quickly found themselves in intense conversations with their Midwest contemporaries talking about everything modular. There were some differences in how each did business but in the end, bridges were built and friendships made.


By the time we left, we all had a better understanding of the differences and the similarities of our markets.

On the way back to the hotel (did I mention the Rochester Homes provided limo service) we all shared what we learned at the Get-Together.

What was a good evening was just the start of what turned out to be a great Boot Camp.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it but heard it was very good. Next year if it comes back here.

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Thank you for taking your Boot Camp on the road to various regions of these fine United States. As "the voice" of the modular industry, you are doing such a great job of getting some of the brightest minds in the industry to go with you and talk about their business models. To help educate and teach others who may not have the opportunity to learn how others builders are succeeding. Keep up the good work Coach!!!!