Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Midwest Boot Camp - Part Three - Afternoon Session

After a very interesting break for lunch, it was back to the afternoon session of the Midwest Boot Camp.

Getting us started was Ken Semler, Express Modular, asking what builders really know about the people that visit their websites.

When he asked how many builders had a website, every builder raised their hand. When asked how many builders have ever checked their statistics on Google Analytics, only a few hands were raised and when he asked if anyone had checked within the last month, only one hand shot up.

He then spoke of the importance of this free tool from Google that can tell a builder so much about the visitors to their site including age, gender, how they found your site, how long they visited it and tons of other information.

Valerie Jurik, Valerie Jurick.COM and AIP Specialist, talked about what is facing modular home builders when it comes to the aging of their home buyers.

Not only are the Baby Boomers reaching the point where decisions have to be made if they should move into smaller homes and/or assisted living situations. They are finding both the Gen X and Millennials wanting to either move in and help care for them or move in because the younger folks can’t afford to live on their own.

The number of multi-generational homes are growing and modular builders and their factories must begin designing homes where everyone can live together in homes that work for aging parents as well as the youngest members of the family...hence, Aging in Place.

The afternoon session ended as it should, with Scott Stroud, Cash Flow Engineering and formerly of Builder Radio, talking about your bottom line and a better way to sell.

He explained the need to measure your efforts in real ways and then focus on continual improvement. It’s not only about selling more; it’s about becoming more aware of your lead generation and turning them into sales.

He has been a cornerstone of my Boot Camps and when he talks, builders listen.

Scott, along with all the speakers at the Midwest Boot Camp want to hear from builders. They want to share their knowledge.

As I said many times during the Boot Camp, there is no East Coast builder and Midwest builder. We are all modular home builders and we need to build bridges between us to encourage, teach and simply to share our problems and frustrations.

It was a great Boot Camp and it convinced me that this will not be the last one in the Midwest. In fact I will begin reaching out to builders to build even more bridges, to join modular home associations like the MHBA and BSC and encourage them to submit pictures of their completed homes and special projects that reflect the great modular home builders of the Midwest.

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