Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Midwest Boot Camp - Part Two - The Morning Session

All the speakers were ready for a full day, the continental breakfast was set up, the screen and all the A/V was up and running and it was time to begin another exciting day devoted to all things modular.This was my 4th Boot Camp and finally...I’m getting organized!

This was my 4th Boot Camp and finally...I’m getting organized!

When I put out invitations for people to speak at my Indianapolis Boot Camp, speakers from NJ, MD, KY, NC, VA and WV answered the call. Before I go any further, I want to thank all of them for bringing their usual “A Game” and helping make this Boot Camp a great success.

I was also delighted that attendees from PA, OH, IN, IL, MI, ,NJ, KS, and TN took a day from a busy selling and building season to join with others to learn what the modular industry is doing.

If your modular home business is located in the Midwest and you didn’t have a chance to sign up, there is always next year.

Anthony Zarrilli, Zarrilli Homes, was the first speaker and explained to everyone what happens after a natural disaster. Rules for financing, building codes and processes can change every day and builders were always trying to catch up. Rules and regulations were changed on the fly.


Modular housing was the savior for many that lost their homes but instead of making it easy for modular builders to help them, local, state and Federal codes and regs were rewritten that inhibited modular home construction in favor of site builders.

Applications for building permits became a process that extended from a month before Hurricane Sandy to up to 5 months after. Attendees were shocked by the complexities he faced and I saw many jaws drop.

The MHBA’s Dave Sikora was up next promoting the association’s many benefits to the attendees and explaining what it has accomplished including fighting for modular housing when it comes to prohibitive new laws and regs in all the states.


He also highlighted their new Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) and the “Home of the Month” that is featured on their website. If you haven’t joined the MHBA yet, you really should.

Creative Brand Content's Reed Dillon was next on the agenda and demonstrated that marketing need not be something to fear. Instead, it should be embraced and he gave everyone ideas as to how to accomplish it.


It’s not just enough to want to do a better job of getting your name out there, it is absolutely imperative in today’s marketplace where even Macy’s, Sears and the Sports Authority have faltered because they didn’t keep up with Internet marketing techniques. Reed offered to help attendees get started on the right path.


The final morning speaker was Harris Woodward, FinishWerks. As one of the leading High Performance modular home builders in the US, his talk centered around the upcoming stricter energy codes that will eventually be in every state. Maryland, where he builds, and California are on the bleeding edge of energy, Net Zero regulations with CA ready to impose Net Zero in every new home in 2020!

He explained the different types of certifications available for modular home builders and how even though these tough regs haven’t been hitting the Midwest yet, they will and everyone should begin today to get their new modular homes ready for it.

This means sitting down with your factory and talking about New Zero and begin a program that integrates it into every new home before it sneaks up and bites every modular factory and builder in the butt.

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Anthony said...

Always a great to be part of ANY event that Gary is hosting and many of the most informative and knowledgeable people in our industry are take part. I want to thank everyone who presented as well as those who attended for each one of these events moves our industry in the right direction. Thanks Gary to another HUGELY successfully event and look forward to many more!!! Anthony Zarrilli-Zarrilli Homes, LLC