Thursday, September 22, 2016

Offsite Construction Expo Featured Lots of Commercial Opportunities

The Offsite Construction Expo second year was quite interesting. For one, I finally realized just how many companies from around the world build offsite.

The Chinese exhibitors were there in abundance showing modules, complete modular structures including residential as well as commercial. There were even Chinese companies with their latest fastening systems for modular factories.

Simplex booth in the center

Pat Fricchionne, the owner of Simplex Industries was there showcasing what their commercial division can do for developers. Good stuff.

I apologize for not taking more pictures but I was caught up in the moment and walked around the booths in total amazement. It was a total surprise when a few of the people I talked to said "are you the Modcoach?" A superstar is born.

Many of them asked when I would start a blog about commercial modular like this one for residential. All I can say is let's wait and see.


Builder Bob said...

Modcoach, you are a super star. Nobody else is doing what you are for modular housing.

I've attended a couple of your breakfasts in Lewisburg and one of your Boot Camps. Keep it up Gary.

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Builder Bob, you are correct!!! Gary is the face and voice of the happenings and the news in the modular industry. His monthly breakfast and Boot Camps are a place for factories and builders to meet and discuss what is happening in the industry.

Who else is providing a service like this to the modular industry?That is correct. No one else.

Keep up the good work Coach!!!