Saturday, September 17, 2016

Swedish Company Almost Ready to Open Europe's Largest Modular Factory

Stefan Lindback, Owner of Lindbäcks Bygg
Lindbäcks Bygg, one of the largest modular home factories in Europe. has commissioned Rejlers, together with FeRex, to deliver parts of the production facility to be constructed at Lindbäcks' new “Super Factory”. Rejlers’ order is worth US $3.5 million.

The project includes planning and installing an assembly line where Lindbäcks will build complete housing units from preassembled floor joists through to the ready-made unit going out for storage at Lindbäcks’ new factory in Haraholmen outside Piteå.

The assembly line will be around 1,000 feet long and will start by receiving preassembled floor joists and finish with completed apartment block elements for transport to the building site.

The new factory will triple Lindbäcks’ current capacity and is regarded as the most modern of its type in Europe, maybe the world.

Rejlers will provide expertise in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering as well as PLC and HMI programming. FeRex, which is a partner in the deal, will build the steel structure and, together with Rejlers, install the equipment on site in the factory.

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Anonymous said...

This is great. As someone in the industry it is also scary and exciting. We really have a few years left in America to get united and build this industry up to where it needs to be or we are going to get RUN OVER by foreign products.