Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Edmonton, Alberta Working on a Unique Modular Aging in Place Program

An Edmonton, Alberta, Canada city hall committee received an update on a pilot project from the University of Calgary that will allow frail seniors to age in place.

The initiative for a laneway house has been worked on for three years at the U of C starting as a design project and now launching into a real life prototype.


The idea for a medical ‘pod’ is not new but this could be the model that could actually be the basis for similar programs throughout Canada and the United States.

Click Here to read how our own Valerie Jurik-Henry, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) and consultant to modular home builders is working hard to bring this type of housing to the immediate attention of the modular housing industry.

It has involved students in design and now also expanded to the medical school at the University.

The idea is that a modular home about 450 square feet in size fits in the backyard of a property.

The home will be designed to the particular needs of the senior in question.

The pilot project will look at placing one of these homes in a property that has a back alley and then at a property with no back lane.

Seniors would be able to live in the homes and get the medical attention they need as opposed to being stuck in an acute care bed in hospital.

When the need for this medical ‘pod’ is completed, it will be moved to an inventory location and be assigned to the next person needing its specialized setup.

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