Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Improving Your Company's Social Media Skills

Many modular home factories and builders are finally beginning to see the value of using social media by posting pictures on Facebook and Pinterest. There are more companies joining these sites every day showing off their latest home, project, home buyer testimonials and human interest stories.

Unfortunately most of those wonderful blurbs put on Facebook, etc are a waste of effort. They look nice and give you a good feeling that you are using social media but there is nothing there to draw the prospective new home buyer to click on your website.

A couple of pictures of a house being set in East Anywhere, VA tends to be overlooked by potential homebuyers that really don’t want to actually see a house arrive at the job site in pieces. We all know that is reality but it is not of any interest to people wanting to look at a finished home and imagining themselves living in it.

You want people to look at your posting and say “I love that house but I would move this and get rid of that. Let’s go their website” and actually click through to it.

Here are some skills that will help improve your social media skills. These are not skills that can be bought, these are acquired skills learned through practice.

With all the digital marketing pounding away at your target audience, you need to concentrate on the quality of what you are putting out there. Don’t put up something you found on Pinterest and if someone clicks on it they are sent to someone else’s Pinterest page. Tell them why you put up the post on Facebook.

No one wakes up and begins to be creative. It takes time and effort. Practice being creative on your Facebook page. A good example would be to put a picture of a completed house in your post and then ask them to click on the picture which sends them to the page on your website that has the floorplan. TaDa! You’ve captured their attention.

Be Passionate:
You had a spare minute and found an article on Dwell and added it to your FB page; all you’ve done it help Dwell. Stop doing that. You have passion for your business. Give some of that passion to what you put on FB and other social media.

Ask Questions:
Social media is all about interaction. Write text or put up pictures that you can use to ask readers to comment on. Ask them to comment. They will. Ask them to ‘Like’ your FB page. They will. Ask them to go to your site and look at your latest completed house. They will.

There are no fixed rules about what to put on social media. Also. there are no boundaries for success either. Your ability to experiment will play a crucial role in your success.

You don’t need to be a programmer or have strong technical skills to succeed in social media marketing. You just need to be comfortable with the technology and not be afraid to experiment.

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