Monday, October 24, 2016

Sneak Preview of the Revised PA Industrialized Housing Program

The full approval of the revised Industrialized Housing Program regulations will be published in the October 29, 2016 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin. This publication will initiate the one year preparatory period leading up to an effective date of October 29, 2017.

The biggest change is the establishment of a certification program for commercial industrialized (modular) buildings. The program is patterned after our current program for industrialized housing. As a result, modular buildings entering the first stage of production on October 29, 2017, produced for placement in Pennsylvania will need to comply with program requirements and bear an insignia of certification issued from this department. Existing commercial modular buildings will be unaffected by this regulation.

In addition there are a few other changes that are worth noting:
  • Established a definition of “residential permanent foundation” which has been lacking from our regulation.
  • Revised the definition and expectation for the “Site Installation Inspection Checklist”. This checklist will be expected to be more reflective of the actual tasks required at the job site.
  • The plant certification process has been made more flexible and will rely on the third party agencies recommendation for the minimum level of surveillance needed to assure the facility can produce conforming homes and or buildings. This eliminates the past requirement for 10 complete homes subjected to 100% inspection to achieve certification and will recognize a portion of the certifications that may have been conducted for other states.
  • The qualifications of third party agency personnel will be published annually. You can expect that these qualifications will match the requirements for personnel performing under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Act.
  • Establish a fee structure for commercial modular buildings of $60 per module for factories located in Pennsylvania and $90 per module for factories located outside of Pennsylvania.
  • The fee for industrialized housing modules produced in Pennsylvania remains unchanged at $40. The fee for industrialized housing produced in out of state factories is set at $60 per module.

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