Monday, October 17, 2016

Tiny House Industry Begins Long Road To IRC Inclusion

From an article on Tiny House Build:

Will We See You in Kansas City for the ICC Hearings?

Here is an update on the submittal of the tiny house construction code we recently sent to the ICC (International Code Council) for inclusion in the 2018 IRC  (Residential Building Code). Our proposal has been officially accepted and entered into the hearing schedule. This is exciting news. There are still many hurdles to clear but we’re now on a solid launching pad. If you want to read all about the code proposal and what it means, please click HERE.

Since this approval, we have assembled a powerful team of eleven tiny house professionals to help us defend the proposal at the hearings. This team consists of Andrew Morrison, Macy Miller, BA Norrgard, Zack Giffin, Meg Stephens, James Herndon, Martin Hammer, David Latimer, Jeremy Weaver, Christopher Flener, and David Eisenberg. We have also been able to raise the money to purchase transportation and lodging for the entire team. The outpouring of support and donations from this wonderful community helped raise these funds in very short time. Thank you to each of you that contributed and/or gave your support by sharing the GoFundMe page over 3,600 times on Facebook.

What Happens Next?

We want to personally invite all our readers (you!) to come and join us in Kansas City, MO for the hearings. We have received permission from the ICC to extend an invitation to the tiny house community to come and stand in support. Only the team of ten presenters will be able to speak in defense of the proposal but you’ll be able to grace the room with your presence. We’ll be asking the tiny house community to stand in support while we introduce our case. Our vision and hope is that there will be as many people present as possible so that we can show the ICC how important a tiny house code is.

Here are the details:

Location: Kansas City Convention Center in KC, Missouri
Dates: October 22 – 24th (We won’t know the exact date of time)

CLICK HERE to read the original “Tiny House Build” article

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