Tuesday, November 22, 2016

An Early Christmas Gift to Your Business

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s almost Winter. In fact, many areas of New England are already under 2’ of snow.

Let me take a wild guess and say that the number of people calling for or filling our online lead generator is becoming disappointing. It’s almost Christmas. People aren’t really thinking of sitting down with you until at least February to begin looking at plans and buying building lots.

So here is my early Christmas gift suggestion for every modular factory and modular home to give themselves. An article on this blog featuring the homes you build and/or human interest stories.

dear santa.jpg

I know, most of you have a Facebook page and put your homes there. That is absolutely wonderful and you should continue to do it. But I’ve been watching a lot of builders’ and factory’s FB pages and you know what I see? Very few ‘likes’ or comments. Some of you actually take advantage of Facebook’s help in bringing people to your FB page for a price. Spend $15, $25, $100 or more and get your page put in front of thousands of FB people that fit the profile you devised.

Whenever I see over 100 ‘likes’ I know you bought them. Makes you feel good but how many of those FB people picked up their cell phone and called you? Most of them don’t live close enough to buy from you.

Here is an additional way to promote your homes at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you.

Send over some pictures of your homes, project or charity your company is involved with and I will write an article about it with links to your website and email address.

With the numbers of viewers rising every year, Modular Home Builder blog is not only the most widely read site for everything modular but 45% of the readers are women, ages 35-45, reading my blog on a tablet in the evening.

THESE WOMEN are looking for a new home while watching TV and possibly making sure their little ones are not about to outgrow their present home. They are the decision makers.

I’ve posted many homes for only a few builders and factories and they seem to the ones that keep sending me more. When I’ve told them their home got 6-12K pageviews in the first week, they’ve told me they have gotten calls and emails from the articles.

A few years ago I ran a short article about two builders offering “Granny” pods. Over the years that little article has generated over 50,000 page views. Ken Semler, the owner of Better Living Express, told me that he gets more than 400 hits on his website every month from that one article.

It was picked up and pinned over and over on Pinterest and shared 100’s of times on FB.

Last year a factory sent me a home to showcase on the blog. The owner called me within 3 days after I published it to tell me emails were pouring in for information. He had no idea that someone in his company had sent the house and just wanted me to know the response was unexpected and great.

Kris Megna, owner of Dreamline Homes, a New England modular home builder, has sent me numerous houses to feature on the blog. They always get a lot of pageviews.

So here is where you can give your company an early Christmas gift.

Take those pictures you have stashed away on your computer and choose a couple of houses, add some interesting info about it like the name of the town, sq ft, # of bedrooms and baths, special materials and maybe a quote from your customer and send them to me at modcoach@gmail.com. I will fluff out the article, include your website and your email address and hopefully you will get some interest and maybe make a sale.

Wouldn’t that be a great gift to yourself? Money in your pocket!

It’s entirely up to you if you want to take advantage of this no cost way to promote your business over the slow Winter months.

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