Friday, November 11, 2016

Beracah Homes Opens Factory to High School Students

At the Nov 2nd Modular Round Table, one of the topics discussed was how to get young people interested in the modular construction industry. Roger Collison, President of Beracah Homes, Greenwood, DE, was one of attendees.

Little did I know at the time that they were already working to make young people aware of what modular is and how it could be the perfect fit for them when they were ready to join the workforce. Here's a thumbs up from Modcoach for giving young people the inside story on modular home building.


This article is from a recent article about a tour of the Beracah factory by 40 high school students:

Since Beracah started production in our 129,000 sq ft factory (over 13 years ago) we have offered Factory Tours to interested customers.  Factory Tours give you a first hand and behind the scenes look on how we build your house.  You'll start in the lumber area, then move through framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall and finish work.  We receive inquires each week from customers, and occasionally we will receive requests from larger organizations; some of those being area High Schools.  


Polytech High School is just up the road in Woodside, DE.  Recently Engineering & Design Instructor Bob Bogdziewicz brought 40 of his students for a tour.  

A few days later, Bob emailed us and shared some of his students comments.  We enjoyed reading these and thought we would share.  Reading through these gives a good indication on what you'll learn when you come visit us in Greenwood too.

“What I liked learning about the field trip from yesterday was that housing had different requirements in different states. Maryland has to have a required sprinkler system that can cost up to $10,000 more for the house. I also liked learning about the assembly line that they use to build the houses. The Beracah company is able to finish the assembly line in twelve days due to the technology used and how efficient it is. These examples are just some of the things that I found interesting during the visit. Thank you for letting me learn about them”

“Thank you for setting up the field trip to Beracah homes. I thought the experience was very beneficial and interesting because not only did it give us a look at careers in drafting and architecture, but the tour of the warehouse and model homes was sooo cool. To see the house be built so efficiently, step by step, in the warehouse instead of using the common process of it being built on site was extremely fascinating.”

“The field trip yesterday was very insightful and interesting. I enjoyed seeing how the different compartments of the houses were joined together. I learned that there is no room for error in their design process. Houses must be perfect in order to correctly combine together. I also learned that certain houses can be made custom even though it’s all an assembly. Overall the field trip was awesome.”

“Thank you so much for allowing me to tour and witness the modern innovations of building homes. I was very fascinated that you were able to move home building into the modern era while still maintaining the utmost quality, without sacrificing the personal touch of a stick built home.”

“Before the tour I only considered building homes as a laborious, inefficient and time consuming process, but after witnessing Beracah Home’s daily practice, I saw that the process has been brought into the 21st century.”

“I learned about the difference between mobile homes and modular homes which is mobile homes don't have a foundation whereas modular homes do. I also learned that companies like Beracah Homes can employ 3 Architectural CAD operators and they mostly use AutoCAD.”

“Today’s field trip to Beracah Homes was actually quite a surprise. Our tour guide was really friendly and informative. He was always able to answer every question we asked. One of the coolest things I thought about the trip was the assembly line for building the houses. I like how they build the whole house in modeler sections. Another thing that I thought was really cool is how they have the sample houses that way the buyer can actually get a perspective on how the house will look. The shower definitely would have sold me on that house. All in all the field trip was a total success and wouldn't mind going back there.”

“I truly enjoyed today's field trip to Beracah Homes. I wasn't sure what to expect when I found out the homes were built on site. Truthfully, I suppose I was expecting lower quality houses. However, this was NOT the case at all! The houses were absolutely stunning! The upgraded model that we went into shocked me. It had a gorgeous, artistic exterior while the inside was surprisingly huge. I found the conveyor system  for building houses fascinating. It totally reminded me of an assembly line. I enjoyed learning about the transportation of these houses as well. I have seen houses, similar to the ones I saw today, while driving. However, I always assumed that the house couldn't be bigger than the trailer. I was once again proved wrong. I discovered that the houses are brought as boxes and then assembled on site. I was fascinated by today's trip. It gave me a totally different perspective on modular built houses.”

“The Beracah Homes field trip was a very educational and exciting experience for me. I was able to witness a modular home being built within the confines of a warehouse throughout the different stages such as the cutting of the wood and the framing. My favorites at the sight would include: watching as the workers framed each wall and floor system and placed them together, viewing the different styles of houses such as the upgraded and regulated ranch model homes and being able to have my first experience climbing into an attic. Overall, the experience at Beracah homes was very informative and it helped increase my curiosity on the reality of the architecture field. I would like to job shadow or co-op there if possible to help my introduction into the business.”

“Here are there things I learned while I was there:
1. The man could not explain it any better; their system is like a huge assembly line with consistent progress towards constructing one house after another.
2.  Their progress can involve asking customers how they feel about the sample homes they have and edit any changes the customer requests. Of course if a customer has their own plan made from scratch, they have to make the sizes nominal to correctly create the customer's wants.
3. Finally, Beracah Homes has standard specifications they follow for all parts of the house. Honestly, most of the tour overwhelmed me with information, considering that it was my first time going to a construction warehouse for house building.”

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