Monday, November 21, 2016

Britain Embracing Modular to Solve Housing Crisis

The British government has announced that they see modular homes being an important contributor to resolving the housing crisis. With 10’s of thousands a year needed, modular home factories need to be built urgently. The city of Wisbech is thought to be an ideal location for such a factory. It has easy access to all the bulk building materials, a suitable workforce and direct access to Peterborough, Cambridge and Norwich  -some of the main growth areas in England.

A typical European modular community 

The estimated $125,000,000 US needed to build the modular factories would come mainly from the British government. Factories would be built as entrepreneurs and existing modular factories sign on.

Employment is estimated to be over 5,000 people.

Money to fund R&D efforts to improve the quality of these homes and the efficiency in building and transporting them will be sought.

Modules would be transported outside peak hours on roads widened for the purpose.

Gotta Luv the British and their wanting to make modular housing the keystone to solving their housing deficit.

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