Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dutch Modular Company Invades Florida

These sleek $200k hurricane-proof homes are making their way to Florida

Cubicco, a Dutch modular housing company, has created a reasonably affordable hurricane-proof house that's starting to pop up in Florida and the Caribbean.


The houses, which are made of laminated wood and cork, start at $200,000 (roughly $175 per square foot) and can be built in only a few months. With its modular design, the homes can be disassembled and moved around, even combined to form larger homes.

They are not affordable housing, rather a higher-end product that can be achieved for relatively decent price per square foot."


The modular homes are designed to combat high-velocity Florida hurricane codes, meaning they can withstand 185 mph winds, have impact-resistant glass and can be elevated off the ground with stilts.

There are also sustainability options, like water reclaiming systems, solar panel compatibility, and slats that allow geothermal heating and cooling.

The company has already built a small handful of houses here in Florida and is currently focusing on a group housing development in the Caribbean, reports

The only hitch is, at the moment, Cubicco is no longer selling homes to individuals, but is instead focusing on larger-scale group developments.

Don’t we all wish we had that problem!

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