Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hoopa Modular Homes Factory Being Updated with New Building Products

Hoopa Tribal Chairman, Ryan Jackson, said the future's looking bright for what will be the known as the former Hoopa Modular Facility in Hoopa, CA, a facility that has been producing modular homes since 2004.

hoopa building.jpg

Jackson said in the past it had not produced to the tribe's expectations.

"It was something that there was a lot of hope for,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the facilities downfall doesn’t take away from its potential to be a huge success.

"Nonetheless, we see the value of the facility,” Jackson said. “It’s a tremendous asset for the tribe."

hoopa fsctory.jpg

Jackson said that is one of the reasons why it was an easy decision to partner with PJ Woodlands to create the first Altree production facility.


Altree is a patented, green, wood-plastic composite. It is made from recycled plastic and forest waste. The product is recyclable, reusable and environmentally sustainable. The plastic is removed from the municipal waste stream and noncommercial, small-diameter trees from forests, preventing forest fires.

“There will be one production line that will allow for 20 jobs,” Jackson said.

Jackson said as business grows at the facility more production lines will be created.

“Additional lines will be added into the modular facility, which will add additional jobs,” Jackson added.

Jackson said the growth of the facility can bring the possibility of a small business district for the tribe. He said it will most likely be filled with businesses that are related to the production of the Altree.

"The utilization of it going forward is something that we think is necessary and will be fruitful,” Jackson said.

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