Friday, November 18, 2016

IKEA Using Their Stores to Sell New Homes in Sweden

In 1996, when IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad met Skanska’s chairman of the board Melker Schörling at a housing fair, all new homes that were built were expensive and luxurious. No one dared to build affordable housing, regardless of the urgent need on the market.

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No one except IKEA and Skanska, that is. Together we realized Kamprad’s vision to create affordable homes for ordinary people, and already in 1997 the first four BoKlok developments were completed.

The interest was overwhelming. As people were actually queuing outside IKEA-stores to buy flats, we invented a system that allowed people to choose flats through the drawing of lots. It works well with the BoKlok philosophy: Everyone should have the same opportunity to live well.

On Monday, November 21st IKEA will start the sale of 60 apartments in new urban area of Eds Avenue at IKEA Barkarby in Järfälla, Sweden.

The apartments are in such high demand that buyers must register for them and a selection committee will determine who gets an apartment and in what order/

The apartments have two, three and four rooms with an area of ​​592, 755 and 814 square feet. They are built as condominiums and the total accommodation cost is inclusive of the condominium association and interest will be about $500 per month for a one bedroom apartment.

“We can keep low prices, always think in large volumes. We build houses in the factory and can use rational manufacturing processes. In addition, we will reduce when the impact on the environment and the climate and protect houses from the weather”, says Adam Hantash, Project BoKlok.

The area is designed with a special focus on sustainability, and customers will have the opportunity to influence their own energy consumption and thus their costs.

In this project, they have various technology solutions that reduce climate and environmental impact, including photo-voltaic cells on the roofs. But most important of all is that it puts the residents at the center. It should be easy to live sustainably. It will for example have individual measurement of hot water and electricity. This means that each resident can affect their own environmental impact and affect their costs.

BoKlok is a different accommodation concept developed by Skanska and IKEA. They build sustainable housing with good design, function and quality at a low price.

BoKlok builds about 1,000 homes per year in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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