Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MBI Releases Their Latest Modular Advantage Publication

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) covers all things in the commercial modular world. They host the annual World of Modular, the international exhibit and speaker convention, hold smaller meetings and promote the commercial modular industry.

Tom Hardiman is the Executive Director of the MBI and has also been instrumental in bringing the Modular Home Builders Association back to life for the residential modular home market.

Hopefully the residential side will grow to be as organized and dedicated to success as the MBI is to the commercial side.

To see what our industry could do if we actually join together for improvement, check out the MBI's latest online Modular Advantage magazine.

Click Here to read the publication

1 comment:

Tom Hardiman said...

Thanks Gary. There is absolutely no reason why the residential modular association cannot be just as big (bigger really) than the commercial side. It did not happen overnight with MBI and won't with MHBA. But I feel as if we now have a solid foundation with MHBA to really see some growth. With the new Consumer Awareness Program in place and EASY opportunities for members to highlight their homes and their companies, we expect membership to surpass 100 companies in 2017.