Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Modular School Took Only 6 Months From Start to Finish

Often overlooked in this blog are the huge commercial projects from companies like Champion, Cavco, Simplex, PBS and Silver Creek. Though not a project for very many small builders to attempt, these companies take them in stride.

They have entire staffs of people available to work with the Architects, interior designers, commercial code inspectors and many others that would overwhelm the average modular home builder.

A great example of how a well organized commercial factory puts all the parts and pieces together is the 2 story school Antonio Maria Lugo Academy in Huntington Park, Ca designed, built and completed by Silver Creek Industries.

Silver Creek recently brought this school from the start of construction to completion in just 6 months. I doubt any site built commercial contractor could even come close to matching that.

Enjoy the video of how this school was built and ready for students.

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