Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tiny Houses One Step Closer to Being Regulated Under the IRC

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL CODE AT THIS TIME. If approved, the proposal will become official code in the 2018 IRC. Do not attempt to use this code for construction purposes right now.

CLICK HERE to read the proposed new code


William aka "Little Bill" said...

I swear that you do more articles on these "tiny houses" than anything else. I am personally getting tired of hearing about these "tiny houses". Please get back to reporting on news in the modular industry and spending less time on "tiny houses".
Thank you in advance for your consideration in this request.

Coach said...

Little Bill, I write about them because they are becoming a movement that the system built industry should be aware of, especially now that it seems they may fall under the IRC. I'll try to cut back on my reporting of tiny houses. Maybe shipping containers will start to catch my interest again. Who knows

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Well how many modular factories actually build "tiny houses"? It cannot be to many.

Coach said...

Clayton does and that gives them legitimacy in my opinion. If they are successful, others will join them. Cities and states are beginning to write zoning codes to allow them with restrictive guidelines.

Another reason I am following this trend is my hope that the IRC codes will be made official which should stop companies like 84 Lumber advertising their storage sheds as being adaptable for living space. That is a dangerous idea to plant in someone's head that could lead to tragedy.

When IRC tiny house specs are completed, modular factories all over the country will have potential revenue stream available that could be even larger than Park Models and Granny Pods.

Builder Bob said...

Sorry Little Bill but I agree with Gary. As a modular home builder I need to know what could possibly be coming down the chute as it might mean I might have another type of home to sell.

SPeterson said...

What SEPERATES an IRC-compliant 400sf tiny house from a 400sf park model or a 400sf recreational vehicle?

I noticed that the proposed Code does not address the removal of the transport carrier. I think that once the tiny home is made to be permanent and thus taxable, the interest will fade a bit. The tiny home will have its niche (resort cabins, vacation rentals, The Ridges-type developments, etc.) but it will never replace the full-sized family home.