Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Chinese Building 6 New Modular Factories in Britain

The Chinese government backed China National Building Material Company is invading Britain with 6 brand new modular home factories ready to begin producing 25,000 new housing units over the next ten years.

Let me this another way. There will be more new modular home factories built in England than have been built in the US since 2008.


This giant Chinese construction firm is teaming up with Your Housing Group and renewable energy specialist WElink to deliver 25,000 pre-fabricated housing units over the next five years.

The first factory, in Liverpool, is expected to receive planning permission in January and set to deliver a total of 2,000 homes next year.

The joint venture aims to introduce a modular housing type, based on designs pioneered by Spanish specialist Barcelona Housing Systems, to transform the pace of the delivery of new homes in the UK.

The US housing market is ready to be harvested by enterprising modular home builders and investors. Let’s hope that our industry begins taking hold of new home and commercial construction so the next investors aren’t solely the Chinese or IKEA.

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William aka "Little Bill" said...

here's hoping they do NOT import any drywall from China. LOL