Friday, December 2, 2016

Former Avis America Factory Could Go Up in Marijuana Smoke

A Colorado businessman is hoping the state approves his application next year which would be the first of its kind in our area.

Avis America[11].jpg
It's in its preliminary stages right now but some in Clinton County are optimistic that by this time next year the building will be one of 25 plants in the state.

"It's been almost empty for five years now," said Michael Flanagan of the County's Economic Partnership.

In 2012 'Avis Modular Homes' went out of business. Several businesses have moved into the building they left behind. The new owners still have most of 145,000 square feet to fill, however, a potential client is a medical marijuana processing facility.

"It's a new industry and we're on the ground level and it's exciting for Pennsylvania," said Lee Roberts, one of the new owners.

Last spring Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation legalizing the drug in the state. Christopher Woods, a Colorado cannabis businessman, is looking to capitalize on the new industry the state is now writing rules and regulations to implement it. In central Pennsylvania woods have signed a one year contingency agreement to operate at the old plant.

"He is defiantly leasing and controlling 41,000 square feet," said Roberts.  

Woods' goal is to receive one of the 25 permits statewide to grow and process the medical marijuana.

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