Friday, December 9, 2016

Solar Roof System That Can be Installed in the Modular Home Factory

Enerdynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp. located in Welland, Ontario, Canada,has completed all testing and tooling to deliver 75 Megawatts annually of the company's environmentally sustainable Advanced Modular Housing Systems including the "Enertec" embedded solar roof product.

Their "Enertec" Embedded Solar Roof could be an option for the modular housing industry in that it is cost effective when compared to traditional solar and can be installed in the factory. It can be embedded into EHT's Advanced Modular Housing Systems. EHT, at its production facility in Welland, Ontario, is now ready to outfit up to 150,000 homes per year with its innovative product (based on 5 kw per home), placing the organization strategically to compete with industry leaders such as SolarCity that recently announced it is in the early stages of commercializing its solar tile roofing.

EHT recently concluded testing of a 1,200 square foot home, constructed of the Advanced Modular Housing System and embedded with 9 kilowatts of Enertec. It is reported that the combination of the two products allows for an entirely "off-grid" home when used throughout much of Northern Canada. The system easily generates a day's supply of power for a home with heating and cooling requirements of 750 watts of energy per hour.

At the core of the Enertec product, whereby the solar cells are embedded in a proprietary fire proof skin, is the substantial cost savings from eliminating heavy glass panels and aluminum racking, two significantly limiting factors in the adoption of solar because of weight limitations, and onerous shipping and labor costs. A lighter product at a better price point will open up a larger market for solar because of faster payback times especially for rural and remote users looking to go off-grid.

The entire EHT embedded solar roof becomes a massive solar panel capable of producing significantly more energy than the home requires, allowing the home to then become an important source of power for the local micro grid or large battery storage systems.

The EHT Advanced Modular Housing System uses a proprietary skin and foam core that is stronger and more energy efficient than traditional wood or steel structures providing the highest ratings for energy efficiency.
About EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies

EHT delivers proprietary, turn-key energy solutions which are intelligent, bankable and sustainable. Most energy products and solutions can be implemented immediately wherever they are needed. EHT stands above its competitors by combining a full suite of solar PV, wind and battery storage solutions, which can deliver energy 24 hours per day in both small-scale and large-scale format. In addition to traditional support to established electrical networks, EHT excels where no electrical grid exists.

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Steve L said...

Modular Lifestyles in California to meet Net Zero mandates in the building code has been installing DOW and now SUN Tegra Solar Roof Shingles into its roofs at several factories during its production build since 2014.