Thursday, December 15, 2016

Testimonials – How to Get Them, How to Use Them

Testimonials are important, very important! A testimonial is a third party endorsement of a product or service. Testimonials are endorsements about your company that you cannot make convincingly yourself. When presented correctly they are extremely persuasive and influential. You might ask what does correctly mean?


Testimonials are not about how great your company is. It is much more about how great the customer experience was. The winner should not be the company but the customer attaining a desired and positive result. In the end both you and the customer are winners.  Below please see some things you might not realize about what a good testimonial can do for your company:

Testimonials make great capture tools
Testimonial make great vehicles for capturing leads. Use them as a banner that lead to a landing page for an opt-in and measure your clicks. If the testimonial is presented in a convincing way more people will opt into mailing list.

Your testimonial must be believable
Just people saying nice words and the customer’s name doesn’t cut it. Your testimonial must be convincing and believable. Use photographs wherever possible in the context of the product. For instance if you want to sell homes, on show your satisfied customer in a photograph in front of their house with a line about how their dreams were realized. Remember your customer always should be the hero who wins the prize in your testimonial.

A testimonial must be truthful
People know when they are being told an untruth. Do not write testimonials for your customers and put them on your website. As convincing as you think you might be people will see through it. Let your customers speak for themselves. Further making up testimonials or encouraging others on social media to do so is unethical. Once you go down the unethical road, people will not see you as a trustworthy source.

Ask for an endorsement
Making up an endorsement is of course unethical but there is nothing wrong with asking for one. If you are meeting the expectations of your customer usually they are happy to write one. An easy way to prompt getting testimonials is having your customer fill out a questionnaire about their experience. Make questions tailored to elicit a response.

Social Media and Testimonials
Use Facebook and Twitter. Both are places are where people socialize, give their opinions, vent and praise. If you’re doing things well hopefully people will be saying nice things about your company. Twitter is not anonymous and usually includes a photo - all that is good for capturing with a screenshot and posting on your website.

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Parts of this blog was resourced from the Blog: The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Testimonials (and Use Them Smartly) by Ramsay

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