Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Three New Year's Resolutions You Should Have Made Already

Making business resolutions for the new year is easy. Planning, implementing and sticking to them are hard. Oh well, one out of four isn’t too bad. Many major league ball players only get a hit one out of four times at the plate and they make a lot of money.

Guess what! You’re not a ball player and one out of four in business can spell failure. If you haven't made these three resolutions up till now, this is the year to put them on your "To Do" list.


So, if you are ready to make some powerful changes in your business, here are three resolutions you should start with.

1. You will learn how to manage your cash flow more effectively.
Prior to 2008’s housing crash modular homes were selling so good that cash was coming into the business so fast that even if you were overspending, the money coming in covered your current bills. Reminds you of a Ponzi scheme, doesn’t it!

This is a great resolution for modular home builders who have drastic ebbs and flows in their cash flow, have been unable to create enough capital to invest back into the business, or those who don't really understand the day-to-day finances of the business.

2. You will take steps to improve your “online” presence.
Most modular home builders are small business owners with limited resources. But that is no excuse if it's been more than two years since your site has been updated, if you haven't done anything to make your web presence mobile-friendly, or if social media isn't a component if your marketing plan.

Have you been putting off social media, not even starting to explore which network is the best platform for your business? Have you talked about starting a business blog, but haven't had time to work on a content strategy yet? If so, this is the perfect resolution for your business.

Most of these efforts only require your time and effort. Even the ones that do require a monetary investment don’t cost an arm and a leg.

3. You will get refocused and become productive.
This is the perfect resolution for those of you who often waste time on social media or find yourselves succumbing to other distractions that get you off-track, then end up wondering where the day went because you still have a handful things left to complete.

The lyrics from the Paul and Linda McCartney song Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey are more appropriate today than ever before:

We're so sorry Uncle Albert
But we haven't done a bloody thing all day
We're so sorry Uncle Albert
But the kettle's on the boil and we're so easily called away


But Facebook’s on my cell phone and we’re so easily called away

What do all three of these resolutions have in common? The word “You”

They all need “you” to begin implementing these resolutions to make your business better and stronger. Good Luck to everyone in 2017.

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