Thursday, December 1, 2016

Training Program Being Fast Tracked for Modular Housing Industry

On Tuesday, Dec 6th, a group of extremely knowledgeable modular industry people will meet to lay the groundwork for something our industry has never seen before; a thorough training program for new and veteran home builders and factory management and sales staffs.

They are Modcoach’s Dream Team, experts in every part of the modular building process from marketing to production to set and final finish.

Why are they doing it? So that our industry can become the best way to build new homes ever. Everyone from the most veteran factory sales rep to the newest modular builder will finally hear the same message; that "Success" is within your grasp and this team of professionals is going to work hard to help you achieve it.

Watch for an update later next week about the Modcoach Training Program

How Good Training Benefits the Modular home builder:
  • They understand the important components needed to operate their business
  • Ensures a smoother and more successful start-up
  • Knows the skills he/she should have
  • Can overcome problems and challenges that may arise
  • Provides strong sales building and marketing skills
  • Teaches ‘What works and what doesn’t”
  • Efficient operation preserves builder’s working capital
  • Increased profitability
How Good Training Benefits the Modular home factory:
  • Builders start-up their business correctly
  • Minimizes builder mistakes and the need for factory staff to intervene
  • More productive use of factory staff
  • Higher probability of more successful builders
  • Improve builder satisfaction and promote positive relations
  • Improved builder validation
  • Factory people will learn what it takes to be a successful builder
  • A better builder network
  • Creates better communication
  • Increased profitability
The 2 day training course will be offered throughout the East Coast, New England and Midwest.


William aka "Little Bill" said...

Good luck with this Coach. You are starting something that should have been done a long time ago. You ate the glue that holds this industry together!!!

Stephen said...

Slow Telling Us Pertinent Information Daily

Sheldon said...

Hey "Little Bill",
There are modular agencies out there promoting the growth of the industry. Than again, I am not sure. Modular home construction is stuck at 2%. Hopefully this new endeavor by Coach will be the start of something big.

Builder Bob said...

Gary. if your training is as well organized and on target as your Boot Camps, I think the industry will beat a door to this training. Sheldon does have a point. Have any modular agnecies or associations stepped up to help you with this or are you doing this all on your own?
I suspect nobody is helping you get this off the ground but everyone will want to take credit once it is a proven success.