Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What’s in Your Logo?

an article by Reed Dillon

Your logo is your anchor. It is what connects you with yourself as well as your customer. A logo is a symbol of your brand. It is the visual impression of what you would like to imprint on those who see it. Recently I have been helping a client in developing new branding strategies and messaging with a total redesign of their logo.

The 40+ year old company had an established brand in the marketplace but had old outdated logo. A change in their logo marked an important milestone in their brand and legacy as well as provided for an opportunity for them reflect on what they have stood for throughout the years and what they aspire to become. In essence to them a new logo represented the next step in their journey together with their customers.

The challenge in branding projects is to better visually identity who they are and what they do, while not forgetting where we came from. In this branding process it was extremely important to honor and recognize the value and equity in their heritage as they move forward into the future. The company wanted to retain recognizable elements of their brand. So colors and certain symbols were preserved and were used as a visual homage to our past.

In the branding process it was also needed to learn more about the company and so owners and key senior staff members were given a questionnaire to answer. The questionnaire unveiled key underlying perceptions, strengths and benefits of the company. That information was helpful in the translating what was important components of the company’s brand.

After information was compiled the information was given to the designer and after several rounds of revisions weeks later a logo was developed. The branding strategy and logo turned out to be well worth the effort.

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ABOUT Reed Dillon - Reed Dillon is the owner of Creative Brand Content, creativebrandcontent.com - a marketing consulting company. Reed has spent nearly two decades heading the marketing departments of some of the industry’s leading modular manufacturers and earning numerous national marketing awards. Contact can be made at reed@creativebrandcontent.com or by phone at 540-488-2978.

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